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Statistics • COVID-19 response

Data solutions

National Statistical Systems are called to leverage all sources of data at their disposal and mobilize partners and experts from all sectors of society to implement solutions for the production of timely and disaggregated statistics urgently needed to understand and respond to the global COVID-19 crisis.

Better disaggregated data to assess the implications of COVID-19 on women and men

In order to measure and monitor differences in Covid-19 incidence and fatality rates between women and men, data disaggregated, as a minimum, by sex, age groups and geographical areas are urgently needed. Collecting and disseminating additional data on employment-or lack of occupation-to capture the most vulnerable workers, household type (one person, couples without children, couples with children, lone parents, extended family), and access to social protection and to mobile and virtual (health, education and financial) services during physical distancing and/or isolation is also strongly recommended.

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